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Imagine how it will feel to finally achieve your goals...

When it comes to goal setting, there is a problem that so many people struggle with. Do you know what it is?

  • No – it’s not setting goals. People can manage that fairly well.
  • No – it’s not being productive. People are familiar enough with the basic strategies.

The problem that people struggle with, that leaves them feeling frustrated, annoyed, hopeless, is actually achieving their goals.

It’s saying, “I want to do X, or I want to reach Y, or I want to become Z,” and then actually making it happen. Because it’s easy enough to have an idea, but it’s hard to get to the finish line.

Really hard.


Ensure your ultimate success

As of this writing, I’m coaching three different individuals.

At the start of our time together, I helped them each set their goals and lay the foundation for success. From there, I’ve continuously guided them on how to actually achieve what they want.

Regardless of their goals, regardless of their desires, there are things that they can do to ensure their ultimate success. And yet, everyone is different. What works for one person may not work for the other.

Each person and each goal is unique.

That is the beauty of coaching though.


My current goals (and status updates)

Right now, I’m pursuing some 13 goals. It basically amounts to one goal per each area of my life – social, physical, education, etc. Now, let me give you a forewarning here. What I’m about to say is going to sound extremely cocky, but I assure you I don’t say it to brag – just to help prove my point.

Out of my 13 goals, I am crushing all of them.

Sure, with where the world is at today, some goals I am physically unable to achieve because the necessary venues are closed. However, aside from those one or two exceptions, I am absolutely 100% achieving my goals.

To show I mean business, here are a handful of my current goals plus a status update of where I’m at with each one:

  • Goal: Complete two books a month. | Status: Excelling! Here is every book that I’ve completed this year.
  • Goal: Go on a date with my wife once a month. | Status: Excelling! Even while quarantined, even with a new baby.
  • Goal: Do 50 kettlebell swings a day, four days a week. | Status: Excelling! Plus it’s led to me doing more overall strength training as a result. My biceps have already increased by a quarter-inch (not too shabby).
  • Goal: Practice speed reading twice a month. | Status: Excelling! As of January, my average words per minute was 248. When I tested it again in April, it had increased to 392 WPM. And I’m still improving from there!
  • Goal: Over two months, publish 16 pieces of content. | Status: Excelling! You can see every single one of my posts right here.

You get the point. All of my goals are like that. Excelling!


Goal-Achieving success

I’ve worked incredibly hard to figure out how goal setting actually works. How to actually achieve the things that I want. Through seven+ years of struggle, friction, and eventual success, I have learned the key things that you need to do to reach your desired end results.

Remember those coaching clients I mentioned earlier? I’ve applied my experience to their own goals and because of that, they too are thriving!


Explore the outdoors

One of them longed to get outdoors more. She loved the idea of doing more cardio and exploring outside, but she struggled to set things up on her own. Through my coaching, she has not only created a successful fitness regime for herself, but will be soon embarking on an ultra-endurance bicycling adventure because of it!

A goal-achieving success!


Business growth

Another one of them deals with chronic busyness.

As a small business owner, he struggles with having too much on his plate. Through my coaching, we created time for him to grow his business amid the hectic days. Because of that, he has gotten in touch with customers that he never had the ability to speak with before my help.

A goal-achieving success!


Healthier lifestyle

Another of them struggles with attaining her ideal weight (a common problem). By coaching her, we devised a system that focuses on the things she can control – like the duration of the walks she takes – as opposed to the things she can’t – like what the scale says on a given day.

Through my coaching, she’s done cardio nearly every single day (while preventing burnout) and is crushing it!

A goal-achieving success!


Stop coming up short

I achieve my goals. And for those exclusive individuals I dedicate my time to, they do as well.

You may know how to set a goal, how to have an idea that sounds “great” in the moment, but my bet is that you struggle to actually cross the finish line. To reach the end result and attain the success that you so desire.

I will put an end to that.

Work with me and you will achieve something real. You will accomplish your goals. You will finally stop floundering, wandering around lost, coming up short.

You will excel!


Work with me and achieve your goals

My time is limited and I can only coach so many people in a given period. Because of that, I am extremely selective about those I choose to work with.

You are a good fit for my coaching program if you are:

  • Open to receiving one-on-one coaching.
  • Willing to put in the work to achieve your goals.
  • Have a minimum $500 (monthly) budget to get started.
  • Are willing to commit to at least three months of coaching (this takes time, but it’s worth it).
  • Available to book a call with me and get the ball rolling this week.

If you meet these criteria, send me an email – corey@quickbooost.com. Introduce yourself and let me know a few days that you are available to talk.

Let’s do this thing!