10 Time Management Tips To Be More Effective With Your Time

10 Time Management Tips To Be More Effective With Your Time

Ever wanted more time in a day? I know I have. I’m constantly looking for the best time management tips so that…

Ever wanted more time in a day? I know I have. I’m constantly looking for the best time management tips so that I can get more done and be more effective with my time.

The world moves fast and it can seem like there is too much to do. If you find that your days normally end in stress or exhaustion, it’s life telling you to make a change.

By improving your time management and productivity skills, you can free up time that is being underutilized.


10 Time Management Tips To Be More Effective With Your Time

Time management is a wonderful thing! Through the power of time management, you can:

  • Better prioritize your day
  • Focus on the right stuff
  • Utilize the time you have
  • And work on what matters most to you

Everyone has a busy schedule and yet there are those that can seemingly get everything done and then some.

It’s not magic, it’s not voodoo, it’s time management. Because by having a strategy for your time, you can ensure that it gets used properly.

And once you are able to effectively manage your time, you can start working on the things that matter most to you: achieving your goals, moving forward, creating your ideal life.

We actually have an entire productivity and time management Super Course geared towards helping you supercharge your time and become you even more effective.

In the meantime though, here are some amazing time management tips that you can start applying right away. Read through them and start making a positive change in your life. 


10 awesome time management tips that will allow you to get more done and better utilize your time. Follow these time management tips and manage your time like never before!


1. Make a list

As far as time management tips go, this one is a favorite of many.

When you have a list, you finish things faster. When you don’t have a list, you run back and forth trying to remember your agenda.

If you try and remember too many things at once, your ability to focus decreases and your likelihood of forgetting something important goes up.

So free your mind of distraction and create a list of the important things you want to get done. When making this list, try to add action words. For example:

  • Instead of writing ‘dry cleaning’…
  • Write ‘pick up dry cleaning’

This will allow your mind to better visualize the action so that when it’s time to go you’ll know exactly what to do.

One of the best ways to make a list is to create a smart list – prioritizing tasks my location and importance. We discuss this in detail in our productivity and time management course.


2. Take action

One of the top time management tips for college students, procrastinating professionals, or really anyone putting off a challenging task is… take action.

Move from one task to another with a sense of action and urgency. This momentum will carry you forward as items are checked off the list.

Remember, action unlocks opportunity.

The more you do today, the more you can do tomorrow – setting yourself up for more great things and opportunities in the future.


3. Do it now

Here is one of those simple, but effective time management tips: just do it now.

When you have something to do, go ahead and do it immediately. Don’t wait around procrastinating, don’t pick it up to only put it back down.

Your to-do list will inevitably get longer as the day progresses, so waste no time and work on what you need to get done.

The more productive you are, the more time you will have available for what really matters – like spending time on your goals.

There are circumstances where you may have to wait to get something done (for example when commuting or waiting on someone else).

In that case, you can always practice doing some of these quick and easy time management activities or spend some time developing your other time management skills


4. Move fast, but slow

Haste makes waste. That said, one of the great time management tips for professionals, busy Moms, or anyone else with a lot to do is to move fast, but slow.

Rushing isn’t always the key to getting stuff done. There are times that rushing can cause unnecessary stress or mistakes. To avoid that, be deliberate with your actions and become more aware of what you do.

The more you rush, the more you may actually waste time.

It’s when you go from urgent to rushed that errors start to be made. So pause, think of what you want to achieve, be urgent, but thoughtful as you move through your list.

And if you still need some extra help, here are some time management strategies that you can use to more effectively manage your time. 


5. Apply the Rule of 3

We have all been guilty of filling our to-do lists with meaningless tasks.

The problem is that as we cross these items off our list, we feel accomplished without achieving anything of value.

To help combat this, you should follow The Rule of 3.

The concept was first introduced by J.D. Meier in his book on agile time management – Getting Results the Agile Way.

The idea is simple; write down three things you want to accomplish this week. Then write down the items you want to achieve today that will bring you towards your weekly goal. Repeat this list daily.

Ideally, your daily to-do list will help you move towards your weekly goals. This rule helps provide structure and a plan to work more efficiently.


You’re on the right path, but here’s the thing…

To create your ideal life you need to consistently get the right stuff done in the right order.

In other words, you need to have a proven strategy for productivity and time management.

That’s where we come in.

We’ve created a free, 6-day bootcamp that will give you the tools you need to kickstart your productivity, boost your time management, and change your life for the better!

→ Learn more about the Ultimate Boootcamp here ←


6. Stop procrastinating

Similar to time management tip #3 (Do it now), be sure to complete tasks right away.

When you are in your flow state, do the things you need to do and don’t give yourself the option to stop.

Feel free to take breaks, but then get back to it. Focus on the process instead of the result. The Pomodoro Technique is a great method that you can use to keep yourself focused and on task.


7. Don’t check your phone first thing in the morning

Here’s one of those time management tips for work that everyone should follow – don’t check your phone first thing in the morning. You’ll have all day to respond to emails, calls, and texts. Don’t waste the first few hours of your day doing things that could be easily done later!

Keep in mind that if you lose an hour in the morning, you will be making up that lost time all day. Instead, as soon as you get up resist the urge to check your phone.

Don’t add distraction to your already busy life.

You don’t need to know what cake your co-worker had on her birthday or what new place your friend visited. If needed, you can schedule time for this during the day, but don’t start with it as it will only lead to wasted time.

It’s all about maintaining that work life balance!


8. Don’t be afraid to delegate or share responsibility

Delegate as much as you can. The more you delegate, the more opportunities you will have to get more important stuff done.

This is one of those time management tips that often gets over looked, but is incredibly powerful. By delegating out tasks that aren’t important, it frees you up to use your time in better ways. 

Consider outsourcing tasks to a freelancer, bringing someone on to help share the load, or asking for help from a colleague.

Free up your time so that you can work on what matters to you. You can also use these productivity hacks to be ever more productive.


9. Wake up early

What’s the best time of day for you to work uninterrupted? For me, that’s usually 6 AM.

This gives me a chance to do chores, review the planning I did the night before, or get a head start on the day.

This is one of those lesser known time management tips for Moms, aspiring business owners, or really anyone trying to do more with less time. Because if you can get a head start on your goals before the chaos of the day begins, you will be able to make some serious progress in the right direction.

If you have trouble waking up earlier, you may want to adjust your schedule so that you go to bed a little sooner.

Start waking up at your ideal time and watch your productivity increase dramatically.

Bonus: If you struggle with being productive first thing in the morning, check out some of this music for productivity that you can use to keep you focused and motivated.


10. Put a time limit on your to-do list

Saving the best for last. This is one of the top time management tips because the lesson is so valuable.

When you put together your to-do list, determine the amount of time that each task should take. At the end of the day, review your list to see which tasks took longer than expected.

For tasks that exceed your time limit, determine how you could get through it more efficiently next time.

If distractions and time wasters are the cause, create strategies to eliminate them in the future. You can also use some of the best productivity apps available to help you be more effective.


Moving forward

How you spend your time is the best indicator of whether or not you will succeed. Utilize these time management tips and start making a positive change in your life.

You are in control of your schedule and you can accomplish what you want to accomplish. Whether that’s a big goal or a new lifestyle, you will achieve amazing things by being deliberate with your time. 


The 6-day Ultimate Boootcamp wasn’t created for you to master productivity and time management. It takes more than 6 days for that.

What this bootcamp will do is provide you with a toolkit of things that you’ll need to be successful with your time.

No matter what your goals are, there are core pillars that you will need to learn if you really want to create your dream lifestyle.

This bootcamp covers those pillars in great detail.

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