Awesome Time Management Tips For Work Life Balance

Awesome Time Management Tips For Work Life Balance

The struggle to maintain work life balance is all too real. That’s because often without…

The struggle to maintain work life balance is all too real. That’s because often without your realizing it, work slowly takes up more and more of your time. 

In turn, your personal life, relationships, and peace of mind begin to suffer.

Don’t let that happen to you!


Time management tips for work life balance

When it comes to achieving work life balance, there is one law that you need to know – Parkinson’s law.

Parkinson’s law simply states that “work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.”

In other words, the time you set to a complete a task is the time that task will be completed in.

For example, if you set a deadline to complete a task in 1 hour, you will complete that task in 1 hour.

Similarly, if you set the deadline for that same task at 1 week, then it will take you the entire week to complete it.

Don’t believe me? Try this out of for yourself!

I personally have experimented with this numerous times. Each time I am blown by how the task gets completed by the deadline – no matter how long I set it for.


Work life balance importance

So what does Parkinson’s law have to do with work life balance?


It shows us that we may not be as good at managing our time as we’d like to think.

And that goes doubly so when it comes to achieving work life balance.

Balancing work and life is a challenge.  It requires diligence and focus, but it is possible.

It all comes down to your time.

Through effective time management and productivity habits, you will be able to get more done, better utilize your time, and work towards the goals that matter most to you.

Whether that is being home for dinner, getting to the gym earlier, or making time for that big project, the way you utilize your time has a direct impact on the life you live.

So use it wisely!

Keep Parkinson’s law in mind when setting deadlines and use the following work life balance tips to create a system that benefits you!


Boost your work life balance, improve your time management, and increase your productivity by following these time management tips to create your ideal lifestyle.


1. Relinquish perfectionism

One of the best work life balance tips that I can give you is this: give up perfectionism and instead focus on progress.

When you obsess over perfection, all of your time is spent in that pursuit.

However, things diversify and become more complex as days go by.

Therefore, instead of focusing on perfectionism, try to excel at what you do. Work on the process instead of the result.

By honing in on what you do, you will gradually improve and your end result will improve with it.

Stop trying to be perfect and instead just try to be the best that you can be in a given day. Use your time wisely and only schedule tasks that are a priority.

This will lead to greater satisfaction, more realistic expectations, and will give you the clarity to recognize when you should take a break.  

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2. Set manageable goals

When it comes to creating a life and work balance, the goals you set have a direct impact on your time.

The more complex and lofty the goal, the more time will be spent researching, implementing, and doing.

If you’re just starting out, it can feel overwhelming and frustrating!

So instead, keep things simple.

Break your goals down into manageable bites that you can tackle each day.

That way you will be able to make daily progress without sacrificing the other important areas of your life.

By the way, if goal setting is something you struggle with, we have a free productivity and time management bootcamp that covers this in detail.


3. Decide what you want

Work life balance requires introspection.

It asks that you make time to think about what you actually want so that you can create the best balance for yourself.

Most people just wake up and go to work with the primary aim of surviving each day.

You’re not most people though. You want to thrive!

Well, thriving requires thought.

Decide what you want (ie. what an ideal work life balance looks like to you) and then go about creating that balance in your life with laser focus.

It will take time, but like we discussed earlier, as long as you make progress each day you will create your ideal life.


4. Health comes first

Remember Parkinson’s law? That thing we talked about earlier?

Well that plays a big role here.

If you find that you are constantly stressed or worn down, it may be possible that you are overdoing it in a certain area of your life.

Maybe your deadlines aren’t set properly, or you have too much on your plate, or you feel burnt out.

Whatever it is, work to regain the balance that you seek.

Because through that balance you will be able to recharge and tackle each day with ferocity!

So spend your time on things that build you up instead of tear you down. Keep pushing, stay motivated, and create a healthy balance of work and play.


Moving forward

Creating a successful work life balance for yourself won’t be easy.

The target will always be moving and your time will always have a way of being filled up. 

But it is possible.

If you are diligent about how you spend your time, you can create an amazing life for yourself.

Keep experimenting with your schedule and use the tips above as inspiration when you need a little boost.


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