Take Action

Two Stories, Two Results

Apple and Orange both lead similar lives. And yes, in this case I am pretending that Apple and Orange are the names of people. Why not. 

Anyways, Apple and Orange start their days off in similar styles…

Their alarms go off and they both hit snooze once, twice, three times. They finally get out of bed awake, but groggy. They’re not looking forward to work and they’re in no rush to get there.

They spend a chaotic few minutes trying to get dressed, trying to find clothes to wear underneath the piles of clutter that litter their respective apartments.

They head to work in a car they don’t particularly like and arrive to a job that doesn’t leave them particularly satisfied.

They know that there’s something more out there for them, but they don’t know what it is or what it could be.


They’re stuck

Both Apple and Orange consistently think back to their days in college. How they would excel in school and how fun those times were.

They miss those times. Everything used to just click.

They haven’t felt that way in a long time… They think to themselves – how can I create that happiness in my current life?

They think maybe the answer is more traditional schooling. But no, they both realize, that doesn’t seem quite right…

Maybe they just need to move. Maybe that would help shake things up. No, again they think, that seems more like a short term fix than an actual solution…

They feel stuck where they are and aren’t sure how to fix it. Each day is the same loop over and over again and they can’t see a way to break the cycle.

And then one day, Orange decides that enough is enough.


Where the similarities end

One day, Orange decides to break out of her routine. She elects to do a little research and introspection instead of her normal grind.

She sits down and considers those things that made her so happy in the past and what’s missing from her life now.

She decides to stop wishing and start taking action. 

So what does she do?

Orange starts setting some goals, she starts reading books on time management, on productivity, on building things. She starts taking courses to help her better utilize her time.

And with each passing day she starts to get more and more fulfilled. She starts seeing her time as a tool that can be harnessed. As a weapon that will ward off mediocrity and empower her to live the life of her dreams.

Then, as she continues to make those positive changes in her life, both her outlook and circumstances start to improve as well.

She’s on the right track.

Sure, she stumbles from time to time. Things don’t always work out for Orange, but she knows that she’s way better off than where she was a year ago, two years ago, even five years ago.

She travels along her journey knowing full well that there isn’t a single end-point to reach, but more of a lifestyle that she is constructing – one where she controls her time.


Orange wins

As Orange continues to improve and grow, so do the various other aspects of her life. Each step of the journey poses a new challenge, but she’s ready.

And, fast forward a little, now she’s in a spot where she can control her time each day. She can truly live whatever ideal life she desires.

She is the master of her time. Orange is fulfilled.

But what of our friend Mr. Apple? He didn’t have the courage to walk the path of Orange.

Years go by and Apple continues to do the same thing he’s always done. He wakes up in his cluttered apartment, drives to a job that he doesn’t particularity enjoy, in a car that he doesn’t particularly like, and continues the same loop again and again.

Apple is stuck, but isn’t willing to take action.


Take action

You don’t want to be like Apple, you want to be like Orange. You want to take action.

Because the only way you are going to change your life, the only way you will be able to become the master of your time, is by taking action.

It won’t be by wishing that tomorrow everything will be better. It won’t be by doing the same things day in and day out.

If you truly want to change your life, if you want to utilize your 24 hours each day so that you can be the master of your time, you need to take action.

It’s time to start moving. Here’s the best place to start.