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Subtle Ways To Be Productive: Get A Second Laptop Charger

In my case, I have three.

When you’re focused, the last thing you want to do in a moment of productivity is rummage around for a laptop charger; the more time that you spend searching, the greater the chance that your effectiveness will go to zero.

And that’s not a risk you want to take.

After all, if you’re in the middle of something important, you want to stay in the zone. You don’t want to burn through your attention-span by trying to keep your laptop on life support.

You want to get things done.


The case for three chargers

I currently have three laptop chargers. Yes, three.

One came with my laptop, another I stole from my wife, and a third I bought. All three are positioned strategically throughout my home so that wherever I am, I never have to worry about my laptop losing power.

There’s one charger ported through my desk.

There’s another about ten feet away at what I consider a standing desk (it’s actually my dresser). And in the living room, there is one hidden stealthily underneath the couch. *I have a similar setup for phone chargers too, by the way.


Hidden away

Is this extreme? Not at all. Here’s why. Cords are ugly. You know this, I know this. So I do what you do – hide them to the best of my ability.

The one underneath my couch is just that, hidden underneath my couch.

The one at my desk is wrapped around and around and around the frame so as to conceal it. And the one at my “standing desk” is tucked away, entirely out of sight. This last one is the most accessible by far and is often the one I travel with (when necessary).


Mobility without complexity

I need three chargers: unless I always want to work from my desk (which I don’t), I need the ability to mobilize without losing power.

To work from different locales without having to worry about untangling, unhiding, uncovering. To stand up, move to a new spot, and not lose any productivity or focus in the meantime. Thus, three chargers.

It’s a small thing, subtle and barely noticeable, but it works.


Many plants surrounding a desk.


Subtle ways to be productive

Consider your own workspace for a moment. What little things can you do to make it more conducive for productivity?

Often it’s just a matter of doubling up on accessories.

For instance, do what I do with laptop chargers and also do it with phone chargers. Or if you regularly forget to bring your water bottle with you, strategically place others around your most visited spots. You can do this with glasses, headphones, pens, speakers, webcams, keyboards, even second screens.

Whatever causes you headaches and discomfort in their absence, really.


Physical and digital

That’s just talking about your physical space though. What about digital? On your phone, delete apps that distract you. Online, log out of sites that waste your time.

Again, small things that enhance your productive output. You can:

When you sigh to yourself because something is annoying, that is a problem to be solved. Like me with my laptop chargers, there is usually a subtle change you can implement that will make a big difference.


Moving forward with subtlety

Massive improvements in productivity don’t necessarily require massive changes. There are subtle things that you can do to drastically increase your output without causing more hassles or frustrations.

The first step is becoming aware of what pains you.

And then from there, it’s just a matter of implementing small solutions. Subtle problem-solvers that will make you smile to yourself. That will make you proud of your own creative ingenuity.

Take a moment and look around. What ails you? It’s nothing a second laptop charger can’t fix.


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