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Remember This Next Time Your Goal Conditions Aren’t Ideal

Some is better than none.

There’s a fire burning. You’re not sure where. Somewhere in California, you assume. California always seems to be on fire this time of year. You don’t really care about California and its drama though. What you care about is the annoying smoke preventing you from going outside.

Preventing you from achieving your exercise goal.

And it’s for that reason that you now look towards the West Coast with an air of annoyance. Get your home in order, California! You’re ruining my goal!



Are you going to move?

Here’s the thing though – conditions rarely stay ideal for too long. It could be fires in California or snowstorms in New Hampshire, the gym could be closed or you may be recovering from an injury.

What do you do when things inevitably get in your way? Quit? Give up? Wait until the landscape is just so?

You can do all that if you’d like. However, it’s not going to help you get to where you want to go. Instead, you need to recognize that when it comes to your goals, some is better than none. You’re better off having a bad workout than no workout. You’re better off reading one page than no pages.

Even if you can’t write for as long as you’d like, you’ll benefit more from doing it poorly than not doing it at all.

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Do these two things

You’re like me. You like to do things right. In fact, you’d rather not work out at all if you can’t go for the full hour-long run you planned to do. But here’s the thing, and I know it’s easier said than done, you need to be:

  • Flexible
  • Easy on yourself


You need to be flexible in that when obstacles prevent you from doing things the exact way you want, you are still able to make progress. For instance, let’s say that your goal is to spend one hour a day learning the HTML programming language.

And, ideally, that one hour would be spent going through an online course. But today, the course is down and you can’t access it. What do you do?

Well, the conditions aren’t ideal, but you can still manage to achieve your goal for the day.

So instead of going through the course, you watch an hour’s worth of YouTube videos. It’s not as insightful, but it’s progress nonetheless.


I’ve learned that I can, at times, be hard on myself.

And when I’m not able to do something to the fullest extent, I tend to get… grumpy.

Here’s how that looks as an example: let’s say your goal is to shoot 100 free throws every week because you want to get better at basketball.

Today is Thursday and you’ve only done 20 free throws. And to make matters worse, you aren’t feeling motivated to get out and practice today either.

Now, instead of becoming sour and angry with yourself, you can (do your best to) recognize that some free throws are better than none and get out there anyways. You may only shoot five before heading home, but it’s five free throws in the right direction.

And that progress will build and give you momentum when you have more energy tomorrow.


A brightly lit basketball court.


I don’t want to workout at home

Looking at my own life, I really don’t enjoy working out at home. As of this writing though, fires are burning and outdoors time is not the healthiest idea.

I’ve tried to find a solution.

One of which is following full-body workout videos in my living room. But, it’s not great.

And it may be because those aren’t the types of exercises I find engaging, or it could be the distraction caused by my daughter crawling around while trying to get my attention (normally I take her with me on my afternoon runs), or it could just be because I’m a bit obsessive about keeping things tidy and I don’t like sweating on the carpet.

Either way, at-home workouts aren’t for me.

However, I know that I need to do something. That some is better than none, even if it’s not ideal.


Make an adjustment if you can

I’m being flexible and trying new things: I’ve adjusted my schedule to do cardio earlier in the day before my daughter needs me.

And that takes the form of either a light walk if the air quality is safe, or I’ll do a yoga video. *Yoga doesn’t bother the obsessive in me as I don’t sweat much and I lay a towel down. Plus, I like the stretch, so it’s worth it.

I’ll also be kind and know that if I’m annoyed, low energy, or don’t want to do a boring home workout, that it’s understandable but still important that I do so.


Remember: some is better than none

Exercise isn’t one of my current goals, but it is something I make time for in my life. And it’s a goal for a lot of people which is why I mention it here. Even an average workout, done with little enthusiasm, is still a completed workout. And it’s vastly better than not doing a workout at all.

You won’t always have great conditions.

When obstacles threaten your goals, recognize that some is better than none and get your workout in – even if you hate sweating on the carpet.

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