Quick And Easy Time Management Activities That You Can Do Right Now

Easy Time Management Activities That You Can Do Right Now

You’re feeling frustrated, overwhelmed. You have things to get done but you just can’t seem to…

You’re feeling frustrated, overwhelmed. You have things to get done but you just can’t seem to make progress on any of them. You’re looking for some time management activities that you can do right now to help you get more out of your time.

You’re in the right place.

Because I too hate wasting my time each day. In fact, I prefer to go to bed each night knowing that I did the absolute most with my time.

And that’s what I want for you as well.


Easy Time Management Activities That You Can Do Right Now

Time management is important. The better you are able to manage your time, the better you will be at making time for your goals.

If you make time for your goals, you will start to achieve them. And as you achieve your goals you will start to check off those things in life that you value most:

  • Working in a field that leaves you fulfilled
  • Traveling and adventuring around the world
  • Purchasing a home of your very own

All things are possible when you have time management on your side. So keep the importance of time management in mind as you work your way through the following time management activities.


Get more done with these quick and easy time management activities! Learn how you can better utilize your time and take your time management to the next level.


Time management activities: Reduce distractions

I can’t focus at all when a TV is on. Like I have zero focus. When a TV is on, even if the screen’s muted, even if it’s a show I have no interest in, my attention goes straight to it.

I’m like a baby staring at flashing lights. I’m like a bird pecking at something shiny.

I know it’s not relevant, I know it’s not helpful, but nevertheless I am weak to the power of a bright screen.

Now, I’m lucky enough to work from home so a lot of things distraction-wise are within my control. If I feel warm, I turn on the AC. If it’s loud outside, I close the window.

You get it.

But occasionally my wife will be home while I’m trying to get something done and… she’ll have the TV on. Do I have any interest in the show she’s watching? Nope. Can I even understand what is happening in the show from the other room? Not at all.

But like a bee attracted to flowers, I will find myself buzzing over, from my desk, to the next room over, to see what’s happening on TV.

I go from productive to zombie in less than five minutes. It’s crazy.


Enclosed box of heat

A while back I realized that I needed to make a change. The world is filled with TVs and I knew that if I ever wanted to get anything done, I needed a strategy for dealing with them.

So I came up with a solution.

First, and this is dumb-obvious, I close the door. Boom. Noise cut in half. Next, I put on some music that I know will help me focus. That will help drown out any residual sound leaking through the walls.

From there, I turn on the ceiling fan. Because with the door being closed, and in the case of the window being closed too, I am sitting in an enclosed box of heat. I don’t like heat, I like cool.

That’s where the fan comes in.

With those three changes in place, I go from being a distracted toddler to an effective time manager once again.


Protocols in place

So for this first time management activity, look around you. Scope out your surroundings.

Whether you’re in the office or at home, spend a few minutes considering what consistently distracts and prevents you from getting done what you need to get done.

Then, try out some solutions. Put some protocols in place so that when distraction does arise, you’re ready to deal with it.

This is one of the best time management activities for employees that you can do in your workplace right now, or if you’re at home and your roommate is being too loud when you’re trying to read a book.

Defeat distraction and do more with your time.



Time management activities: Make a list

I like to keep organized. But between doing QuickBooost, working at my day job, spending time with my wife/friends/family, going for runs, reading, household chores, and more, I have a lot to keep track of.

That’s where lists come in.

Lists are my ultimate tool. They keep me ordered and on-task while navigating through the craziness of life. You need lists! So to get started with yours, first write down everything that you need to do. Go ahead. Do it now!


Key component

With your list now ready, the next step is to prioritize your list. Now, as far as time management activities go, this is a key component so be sure not to skip it.

To start, it helps to think big picture.

Think of your goals and things you want to achieve. If you aren’t quite sure what those are, I recommend going through my posts on setting goals and achieving goals. Or if you really want to do it up, check out my goal success course.

Then with your goals in mind, rearrange your list so that the most important and challenging tasks are at the top and your least important tasks are at the bottom. And when I say most important, I mean tasks that will help you make the most progress towards your goals.

From there, you can begin working through your list. Start at the top and slowly work your way down.

By starting with your most important task first, you ensure that you get the most important things done each day. That way if you run out of time, your lower-level, unimportant tasks can get easily pushed to another day or removed from your list altogether.

With your list and plan of attack now ready to go, it’s time to plan.


Sit down

One of my favorite time management activities isn’t an activity at all, it’s planning. Time planning.

I sit down at the end of each day and plan out what tomorrow will look like. I plan out what needs to get done, what meetings I have, and what tasks are a priority.

Doing this activity, while sometimes a little time consuming, has saved me days of wasted time. Because by having a plan for my time each day, I wake up, pop out of bed and can get right to it. No wasting time trying to decide what to do first. No scrambling to get dressed because of some early meeting I forgot about.

I have my plan and am ready to take on the day.

So try it out for yourself! Think about the rest of your day today or look towards tomorrow and decide what needs to get done and when.

From there, watch how you seamlessly move through those hours with a feeling of clarity and control.


Time management activities: Zoom out

When you’re feeling stuck, like you’re at a crossroads and are unsure of which direction to take, guess what? Indecision is an awesome time waster.

Because the twenty minutes you waste deciding what to do next are twenty minutes you won’t get back.

And again, that’s where having a plan for your time is helpful (see the previous activity I mentioned above). But one thing that is also very helpful, and I briefly touched on earlier, is the big picture.

Why the big picture?

Because it’s far too easy to spend time focusing on dandelions without realizing that there’s a whole forest that you need to navigate through.

For instance, if you have a six month long goal to read ten books within that time, you don’t need to stress over which book has a nicer cover.

You need to get to reading!

Or if you have a two year goal to travel to twenty countries, you shouldn’t waste your time deciding which passport photo better encapsulates “stoic adventurer.” You just need to pick one and move on!


Beautiful dandelions

Don’t feel like you’re alone in this realization. I know how important the big picture is when it comes to time management, but it’s something that I forget to consult all the time.

Don’t feel bad.

Instead, just do your best to look up from time to time. And sure, the dandelions are beautiful, but so is the forest.

So if you find yourself wasting too much time deciding what to work on next, take a step back. Zoom out from your day-to-day and look at the big picture. And again, this may seem like an unrelated task, but it may just be one of the best time management activities that you can do right now.

Decisiveness will save you time.

Stop wasting time deciding. Start spending your time on what will help you reach your big picture.


Time management activities: Seek out new ways to do things

One of the best time management activities at your disposal is your ability to learn.

You should always be on the lookout for new ways to do things better and faster. It’s a surefire way to help you grow and improve!

And there are a lot of tools and resources available to help you do just that. Whether it’s through my goal success course or free newsletter, I’m ready to help where I can!

When it comes to your own time management skills then, know that it is a continual process that you will need to refine and hone over the years. Because as one part of your system improves, you’ll want to improve the other facets of it to match.

It’s all part of the fun.


Moving forward with your time management activities

Use the time management activities above to get more done and achieve your goals even faster. It will take time, it will take persistence, but the effort you put in today will yield tremendous results tomorrow.

So get after it! Experiment with the various activities and start changing your life for the better.

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