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What is a Now page? Simply, it is a page focused on what I’m doing right now. Sure, I have an About page that gives you a glimpse into who I am. And yes, I have a Home page that details the origins of QuickBooost.

This page is different though.

This page is all about what I’ve got in the works at this moment in time.

Originally inspired by Derek Sivers, this Now page is dedicated to my present focus. And because so much of what I think about, write about, and create is based on goal setting, that’s what I will share with you here.

The goals that I’m currently working on.

*Note: When you’re ready to start achieving your goals as well, enroll in my goal success course here.

My goals right now (in no particular order)

Last updated: 11/16/20

Contact at least 20 companies each day about enrolling in my goal success course, five days a week

Individuals will be more likely to enroll in my course if their company sponsors it (as opposed to paying for it on their own out of pocket).

And the more people that have access to the course, the more fulfilled the world will be.

*Interested in this for your company? Email me for special pricing.

Complete two books a month (either physical or audiobook)

The more I learn, the more I grow in every way. Books are the best way to achieve that aim.

Go on a date with my daughter once a month

Strengthen the bond I have with my daughter. 🙂

Improve our home in at least one way each month

Our home still needs work done to it. A little each month will yield amazing results down the road.

Go on a date with my wife once a month

Strengthen the bond I have with my wife. 🙂

Prepare my daughter for the world in at least one way each month

There’s a lot we need to do to set her up for continued health and happiness.

Go to the beach twice a month

We live close to the beach and I want to take advantage.

Do 50 one-arm kettlebell rows (50 reps per arm), four days a week

My cardiovascular health is great, but my muscle health could be better. This easy activity (I’m using a 10lb weight), with time, will help increase muscle tone and build strength.

Consume 20 or fewer grams of net carbohydrates a day, six days a week

Based on the findings of the book, Good Calories, Bad Calories, by Gary Taubes, it appears that a low carbohydrate diet is ideal for enhancing leanness and preventing illnesses like diabetes, heart disease, obesity, various cancers, and even Alzheimer’s.

Contact two people a day, five days a week

This will improve my current relationships, establish new relationships, and give me the chance to add value to those close to me.

Donate 5% of our Christmas fund to the non-profit, First Book, by December 11th

The better we educate our children, the better the world will be (less poverty, more acceptance, more innovation, etc.). This won’t be a major donation, but even if minute, hopefully it will continue to help move the world in a positive direction.

You can learn more about First Book, and donate, right here.

That’s it

I hope you’ve found my goals helpful and motivating! If you have any questions or want to start a conversation – you can email me at

Feel free to revisit this page from time to time. I update it often.