A look down upon people sitting in meetings.

Meetings Aren’t So Bad After All – Why My Opinion Changed

It all comes down to the room you’re in.

Meetings are pointless. They waste everyone’s time and rarely produce anything of value. In fact, anyone that ever attends a meeting, or anyone that even utters the word “meeting,” should be condemned for spoiling what precious moments we have each day. 

This is the current dogma that surrounds the concept of meetings. They are despised by anyone that values their time and doesn’t want to see it wasted.

I’m one of those despisers… at least, I was for a long time.

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The wrong room

Now, based on how I just set things up, you already know where I’m going with this. All you had to do was read the title of this post or even briefly glance at the first paragraph to recognize that I’ve gone from anti-meeting to pro.

But what I haven’t yet made glaringly obvious is how I arrived at this new realization.

It could just be due to the books I’ve read, or the events I’ve attended, but I’ve always assumed that meetings are pointless. And I’ve generally been right. Most meetings are not worth attending. In fact, each meeting I entered into seemed to only entrench my view on the matter.

Until I started QuickBooost and realized I was in the wrong room.



The right room

The room makes a huge difference.

If you want to be a lawyer but every meeting you attend is for marketing, you’re going to find it pointless. You’re going to enter the meeting annoyed and leave the meeting frustrated. You’re in the wrong room.

When I started QuickBooost (what you’re reading right now), every meeting I took proved to be incredibly helpful. Because whether I was talking with one of my readers or was learning from a fellow blogger, every person I spoke with was highly relevant to my goals.

I was in the right room.

And, fortunately, I’m still in the right room and love to take as many meetings as my schedule allows.


It’s my fault

I used to deem meetings as the worst; I’d get annoyed having to attend them, knowing full well what better things I could be doing.

I was in the wrong room.

And it’s not my employers’ fault. I’ve had a lot of jobs and have always despised attending their meetings – no matter the company or my position within it. It’s my fault for not realizing I was in the wrong room.

Something that, now that I’m in the right room, seems obvious.

But the thing is, I didn’t even know the right room existed. So I just assumed that all meetings were the same. Which, I now know, is not the case.


Meetings aren’t so bad when you’re in the right room.


I get excited for meetings

When I now attend meetings, I feel excited. Excited to:

There is no dread or annoyance. I want to be there. And that’s not to say that every meeting I attend is going to be worth my time, but now that I know what the right room looks like, I can do my best to replicate that ideal environment.

Meetings aren’t so bad after all – so long as you’re in the right room.


The big takeaway

As far as the takeaway of this post goes, I’m at a loss for what actionable guidance there is to provide. Well… actually… ok I got it. Here you go:

Recognize that the right room exists. And if you’re not in it, go find it.

That’s not me encouraging you to quit your job or drop your frisbee team. But it is a warning. You read this post for a reason. Either you were curious to see what I had to say, even though the title explained itself, or you wanted to know what changed in my life to reverse my opinion.

My guess is that you identify with the latter.

You’re curious not for the sake of curiosity, but because something feels off with the kind of meetings you attend; with the invites you regularly receive and accept. So if I’m right, consider what you can do to either adjust or change your current room to make it the right room.

I’ll see you in there.


Tell me: Are you in the right room? How do you know?

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