Corey Fradin, Keynote Speaker on Goal Setting and Fulfillment

As a personal development keynote speaker, my aim is to share insightful and actionable ideas in the most engaging way possible. Let me tell you a little bit more about me and my approach to keynote speaking.

  • I spend most of my time writing about the concept of goal success – the process of setting and achieving goals that result in a fulfilling, meaningful life for yourself. In my talks, I share the best strategies I have found for creating the right goals, being consistent in your efforts, and realizing your objectives.
  • I’m the founder of the blog, QuickBooost, which has garnered over 950k views (as of early ’22) with features in Forbes, Entrepreneur, MSN, Thrive Global, Apple News, and many more.
  • I love storytelling and have written hundreds of unique articles about myself and others who have transformed their lives through intentional action. My keynote speeches are filled with the same engaging storytelling as my writing.
  • My top skill as a keynote speaker is taking dull or otherwise generic topics and making them exciting and practical. In each talk, I explain the process of intentionality, goal setting, and consistency in a way that audiences can easily understand and actually use.
  • I teach ideas that I have tried myself. I am continually working on my output goals as a writer, on my exercise goals as an athlete, and on my reading goals as a lifelong learner who completes one book a week.

Keynote Speaking Topics

1. How to Set Goals (When You’ve Come Up Short in the Past)

Don’t let past shortcomings stop you from trying. In this talk, I share a better way to set goals for yourself. One that sidesteps classic pitfalls and helps you achieve your aims time and again.

2. Seven Ways to Be Highly Consistent in Whatever You Do

The first few weeks of anything are easy. After that, it’s much harder. In this talk, I share seven habits you can use to be consistent day after day.

3. Three Reasons You Fail to Achieve Your Goals

Highly driven people are great at the get-up-and-go. However, there are three reasons why that same drive can cause them to fall short. In this talk, I share what those reasons are and how to overcome them.

Testimonials and Praise

Sites where my work has been featured.

I’ve helped hundreds of thousands of people cultivate richer lives – and I’ve been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, MSN, Thrive Global, Apple News, and many more along the way. Here is what some individuals say about my work. 

"Corey is a master in his field. Knowledgeable, approachable and incredibly practical, he has the skills to transform your goals into reality."
Holly H Profile Pic
Holly Hartley
Director of Rediscovery Consulting
"Corey presented an incredible keynote for my membership community. He has a knack for sharing tips in an easy-to-follow manner, bringing each point to life with an anecdote. His advice was different from what I've seen elsewhere."
Jessie F. Profile Pic
Jessie Festa
Owner of NYC Photo Journeys & Jessie on a Journey
"Corey is a fantastic speaker. He is very easy to work with and came prepared. Would recommend for a thoughtful talk."
Pradip Khakhar Profile Pic
Pradip Khakhar
Senior Product Manager & Owner of The Product Angle
"It was a great pleasure having Corey speak at my summit. I enjoyed hearing about his story and how openly he shared about himself. I appreciate the vulnerability and honesty. A refreshing take."
Faith Lee Profile Pic
Faith Lee
Owner of FaithsBizAcademy
"Corey is a wizard in the personal skills arena of goal setting. He has a wonderful way of breaking down complex concepts and making them simpler to implement."
Jordy T. Profile Pic
Jebra Turner
Conversion and Content Copywriter
"Corey is an expert when it comes to setting the right goals and priorities. He's given me great insight when it comes to growing my business and reaching new audiences."
Jordy B. Profile Pic
Jordy van Bennekom
Co-Head of International Growth at MOYU

Keynote Speaker Booking

I am available for keynote speaking engagements around the world.

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