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Hi, I’m Corey. And You Are?

I spend a lot of time writing about myself. Which, don’t get me wrong, is nice. It’s fun to share stories and experiences from my life – especially knowing that I am able to help you learn and progress because of them.


It feels a little one-sided. Like… who am I talking to?

Sometimes it feels like I’m talking to the wind. My voice trailing off, floating into space for no one to hear. But I know that’s not the case. I’m not talking to the wind. I’m talking to someone very real.

Someone with dreams and desires and hopes that they are looking to realize.

I am talking to you.

But I don’t know you. I may try and craft the perfect article, or tell the right story, or share in your struggle with each word I write, but because we have yet to get formally acquainted, I am at best guessing at what you want and, at worst, wasting your time (which I hate!).

So, I want you to introduce yourself to me.

No, no, not in person. I have something even easier in mind.

I put together some questions that I would love for you to answer. See it as an introduction. As a way to share a little bit about yourself so that I can better understand where you’re coming from.

There are ten questions total and if you don’t feel like answering one, just skip it. They’re all optional. That said, the more you answer and the more honest you are, the more I can help you in the future.

So say hello and introduce yourself! If you’re on desktop, scroll down to begin. If you’re on mobile, click Start below.

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