Increase Productivity: 9 Brilliant Ways To Become Ultra Productive

Increase Productivity: 9 Clever Ways To Be Ultra Productive

When it comes to your time, there are always more things that you can do to increase productivity. Whether that’s…

When it comes to your time, there are always more things that you can do to increase productivity. Whether that’s trying to get through a task faster, or working on a strategy to be more effective, productivity is something that you can learn to harness and master.

Trust me.

Productivity was not something that I woke up one day and knew how to do. It wasn’t something that I just grew into.


It took deliberate effort. It took research and learning and trial and error. But now when I reflect back on my younger self, I can see just how far I’ve come.

And you being here, reading this post right now, means that you’re on the right path too.


Increase Productivity: 9 Brilliant Ways To Become Ultra Productive

Productivity is important for several reasons. And increasing productivity is certainly something to aspire to.

But the reason productivity in general is so important is because of how it impacts your time.

The more productive you are, the faster and more effectively you can move about your day. And the faster you do that, the faster you can make progress towards your ideal life. One where you can control your time and schedule.

One where you wake up each morning and can decide what you want to do.

That’s why productivity is so important: in a world where you can create your ideal life by fully utilizing your 24 hours each day, productivity is one of the key building blocks towards achieving that aim.

So as you go through this list of factors that increase productivity, keep that in mind. Remember just how important productivity is in your ability to live a bigger and better life.

Oh and one last thing – these kinds of lists are very easy to quickly scroll through and then completely forget about 5 minutes later. I highly urge you to not do that!

Instead, find the 1 or 2 strategies below that interest you and actually work on them. Recognize what you need to improve, learn about it, and then start applying it to your life.

And with that, let’s get into it.


It’s time to increase productivity like never before! Use these productivity tips, strategies, and tactics to be more productive, get more done, and be more effective.


1. Set goals to increase productivity

You may be thinking: I came here to learn about ways to increase productivity. What do goals have to do with that?

A great question.

See, the reason productivity, time management, motivation, all these factors are so important is because of how they affect your time. If you do them right, you will be moving faster and more accurately than ever before.

But, where are you moving faster to? What are you actually working so hard towards?

That’s where goals come into play.

Goal setting requires you to look at who are are today, who you want to become tomorrow, and then how to get there.

In other words, it gives you a plan for your time so that as you become even more productive, you’ll know that you are heading in the right direction.

That’s why goal setting is one of my favorite tips when dealing with how to increase productivity in life – because it acts as your north star guiding you towards a better future. Then, once you know what you’re working towards, you can start moving even faster in that direction.

To get started with goal setting, I recommend these posts:


2. Utilize productivity apps

Another favorite when it comes to how to increase personal productivity is productivity apps. Productivity apps are applications, software, downloads, etc., that you can use to enhance your productivity efforts.

My favorite ones are usually free but that doesn’t mean they are any less valuable than paid ones.

See apps as an extension of yourself. Have a hard time remembering things? Get a reminder app. Struggling to keep track of your files? Use an organization app.

There are apps for all occasions and circumstances. Start using them to help you become even more productive.

You can check out my favorite productivity apps < there.


3. Harness time management

Similar to goal setting, time management is another one of those key building blocks that you can use to harness your time.

Time management and productivity go hand in hand.

If productivity is how effective and accurate you are, time management is the amount of time you give yourself to get the task done in.

For example, if you have 1 hour of downtime, do you spend it on your goals or on watching Netflix? The answer comes down to your time management priorities.

Therefore, when learning how to increase productivity in the workplace, or your home, or personal life, time management is something that you need to actively work on..

To get started with time management, I recommend the following posts:


4. Learn, learn, learn

One of the best ways that you can increase productivity is by constantly learning. That could be by listening to relevant podcasts, or watching videos, or by reading books.

Whatever you do, consistent, relevant learning is one way to take your productivity to the next level. As far as learning resources go, I recommend the following…


If you are looking to pick up a new book or two, check out these posts on:


When it comes to productivity and time management, courses are an extremely helpful tool. With that in mind, I offer a course that provides detailed, step-by-step instructions that you can use to take your productivity game to new heights.

Featuring numerous lessons geared towards helping you better utilize your time, this course is perfect no matter where you are along your productivity journey.

You can learn more and enroll in the course < there.

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5. Boost focus to increase productivity

One great way that you can increase productivity is by improving your focus. Focus is a highly underrated skill that, when used properly, can add tremendous value to your work.

However, it is often hard to implement into your life.


Because of the constant distractions that surround you – calls coming in, notifications popping up, appointments moving around. There are a lot of things that will creep up and try to ruin your concentration.

So when being bombarded with distractions, do your best to block them out and focus on the important task right in front of you. Then once that task is complete, take a break and reign in the outside noise.

For more help boosting your focus, check out this how-to on the famous focus strategy – the Pomodoro technique.


6. Use productivity tools

Similar to productivity apps, there are a wide range of tools that you can use to increase your productivity. Ranging from tools to help you:

  • Get organized
  • Be a better student
  • Improve your business
  • Learn more effectively
  • Enhance your health
  • Plus more

There are tools that you can use for nearly every scenario in your life. And, just like productivity apps, productivity tools can be used as an extension of yourself to help you in areas where you need it.

So if you aren’t already, be sure to use tools to help you increase your productivity.

You can read my full post on productivity tools < there.


7. Don’t waste your boredom

I hate being bored. Especially when I have big goals that I want to achieve.

Why do I hate boredom?

Because being bored means that I’m wasting time. It means that in a world where I could be doing a million different things to help me improve, I’m not working towards any of them.

So, when I’m bored I do my best to:

  1. Recognize the boredom
  2. And then use that time more productively

That means having awareness to recognize when you’re bored. And then when you do catch yourself being bored, getting up and doing something else that will help you learn, grow, improve, or move towards your goals in some way.

Don’t waste your boredom by letting it continue. Change your activity or environment and use your time more effectively.

For ideas of what to do when bored, check out this post of productive things to do.


8. Listen to music to increase productivity

Want to know how to increase productivity in business, education, or really any other area of your life?

Listen to music.

Music geared towards productivity is one simple way that you can reduce outside distractions, increase your focus, and improve your energy levels.

Whether you’re in a coffee shop, or a crowded workplace, or sitting next to a screaming baby, listening to music can drastically help you increase productivity and focus.

There are a lot of great streaming services that offer curated playlists geared towards just that. My favorite is Spotify but really any of the services should be able to do the trick.

Learn about the different kinds of music for productivity < there.


9. Make use of productivity hacks

Closing out our list ways to increase productivity is one of my favorite – productivity hacks.

Productivity hacks are clever ways of doing things a little bit differently and a little bit better. They are easy to implement strategies and tactics that you can use to enhance your productivity efforts and get even more done.

Some of my favorites include:

  • Keep a notepad close by to jot down any distracting thoughts
  • Automate out repetitive tasks
  • Turn off your notifications
  • And keep your desk clean so that you can better focus

That’s just 4 examples though. There are a ton of productivity hacks that you can utilize to increase productivity, effectiveness, and how you spend your time.

You can check out my full post on productivity hacks < there.


Increase productivity: where to start?

When it comes to increasing your productivity, there are multiple things that you can do. We’ve covered a lot in this post so to recap, the various things that you can do to increase productivity include:

  1. Set goals
  2. Use productivity apps
  3. Harness time management
  4. Learn as much as you can
  5. Enhance focus
  6. Utilize productivity tools
  7. Use boredom to your advantage
  8. Listen to music
  9. Employ productivity hacks

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the list of options, don’t panic! Sure, there are a lot of possibilities to choose from but they are all relatively easy to implement.

When deciding where to start, I recommend going with goal setting first so that you know where you want to work towards. If you find yourself getting easily distracted while setting goals, you can employ something like the Pomodoro technique or use music for productivity to help you concentrate.

From there, I suggest taking advantage of some productivity tools and productivity apps to help you streamline your efforts and become even more effective.

At that point, you can determine what you need to work on and add in next.

And as an extra bonus, if you would like step-by-step instructions geared towards helping you become even more productive and have even better time management, I highly recommend you check out my course.

It’s a great resource that can help you increase your productivity and harness your time.


Increase productivity: moving forward

When it comes to increasing your productivity, there are a lot of things that you can do. So pick a few from above and start applying them to your life.

Don’t let the time you spent on this post go to waste! Apply some of the tactics and see how your productivity begins to improve.

Take little steps each day and you will eventually have a mountain of progress to show for it. You’ll need to be patient, but the hard work that you put in today can and will pay off tomorrow.

Remember, you can create your ideal life by fully utilizing your 24 hours each day. Productivity is one of those key pillars to helping you do that.

So when it comes to increasing productivity, be aware of the things that will help you be more effective, and the things that won’t.

Be deliberate with your time, keep learning, and continue to push towards your ideal life.


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