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My Goal Report for May 2021

An update to the goals I’m pursuing.

Welcome to my May 2021 goal report! In these reports, I pop my head up from the sea of daily to-dos and take a look back; providing a recap of my goal progress for the past month. A couple things to note before I jump in…

First, you can see past goal reports here. And second, you can see the goals that I’m currently working on right here (updated often). With that taken care of, here are my goals from May 2021 (listed in no particular order).

  1. CHANGE: Publish one new article of 500-2,500 words, five days a week
  2. Complete two books a month (physical, audio, or Ebook)
  3. Take my daughter on a date once a month
  4. Go on a date with my wife once a month
  5. Go to the beach twice a month
  6. Complete at least three 24 hour fasts each week
  7. At least four nights a week, go to sleep (ie. close my eyes) with eight hours, 40 minutes until my alarm is set to go off
  8. Do 30 minutes of intensive cardio at least four days a week
  9. Do 50 one-arm kettlebell rows (50 reps per arm), four days a week
  10. CHANGE: Spend at least five minutes thinking of things I’m grateful for, five days a week


CHANGE: Publish One New Article of 500-2,500 Words, Five Days a Week

I took a brief detour from this goal in May to work on a side project for QuickBooost. The project is now finished and I am back to writing. That said, in May I published ten posts. Three of my favorites for the month are:

  1. Consistency Gives Me Room to Be Bad
  2. Please, Corey, Put Down the Pancake
  3. How Slow Growth Allowed Me To Easily Complete A 48-Hour Fast

Note: The change for this goal is purely cosmetic. I changed it from Publish one new post per day, five days a week with a word count of at least 500, but no more than 2,500 to Publish one new article of 500-2,500 words, five days a week. It’s cleaner.


Complete Two Books a Month (Physical, Audio, or Ebook)

I completed four books in May. They are listed below. I also placed an asterisk (*) next to the one(s) I found particularly valuable.

  1. 5/5 – The Obelisk Gate by N. K. Jemisin (Audiobook)
  2. 5/11 – The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks (Audiobook)
  3. 5/18 – Exhalation by Ted Chiang (Audiobook)*
  4. 5/25 – Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand (Physical book)*

*PS: You can see every book I’ve read in 2021, here. And you can see how I was able to complete 57 books last year, here.


Take My Daughter on a Date Once a Month

My daughter and I went on our May date on 5/23!


Go on a Date with My Wife Once a Month

My wife and I went on our May date on 5/22!


Go to the Beach Twice a Month

In May I went to the beach on:

  • 5/7
  • 5/9
  • 5/15
  • 5/31


Complete At Least Three 24 Hour Fasts Each Week

In May I completed 14 fasts. I also gained roughly 20 hours by doing so. An added bonus.


At Least Four Nights a Week, Go to Sleep (Ie. Close My Eyes) With Eight Hours, 40 Minutes until My Alarm Is Set to Go Off

In May I completed this goal 17 times. I love the consistency of quality sleep I’ve been able to attain through this one.


Do 30 Minutes of Intensive Cardio at Least Four Days a Week

I completed this goal 17 times in May. Most of the time I’d go for runs, although I’d occasionally throw some at-home spin classes into the mix (or rather, at-my-parents’-home spin classes).


Do 50 One-Arm Kettlebell Rows (50 Reps per Arm), Four Days a Week

I achieved this goal 17 times, thus totaling 850 reps per arm, 1,700 reps total. An example of something little that builds with time.


CHANGE: Spend at Least Five Minutes Thinking of Things I’m Grateful for, Five Days a Week

In May I achieved this goal 24 times. There’s always much to be thankful for! Note: I changed this goal from seven days a week to five. I found that I wasn’t giving it my full attention or effort during the weekend.


That Was My May. How Was Yours?

Did you make progress? Did you fall behind? Let me know! I’m here to help and always reply back. Let’s make this next month even better!

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