A pink, yellow, blue sunset over water.

Social media is great. But not for me...

Being everywhere all the time is exhausting and it results in less fulfillment in my life and more clutter in my business.

So I’ve opted out.

You won’t find me anywhere online but right here. On my blog. Oh, or through email. I like email. I find it’s powerful in fostering real relationships (which is what I want). I’ve even disabled comments across my site because I was getting too much spam which proved more a time waste than anything else.

Now, there are still a platform or two I need for growing my business, but I hope to be off them soon enough, so I won’t bother promoting them.

That said, if you landed on this page, you are probably wanting to connect with me in some way. Well, there’s only one way to do so. Through my email: corey@quickbooost.com.

If you want to start a conversation (not spam, but a real conversation), go ahead and send me an email. I read and respond to everything! Furthermore, if you want to be part of my email list where you’ll hear from me on a consistent basis, you can do so right here.