A mountain range with two peaks.

Something To Read When Feeling Defeated (Or Deflated)

It gets better.

Have you ever looked at a mountain? Like, from afar? If not, do so now. Sit with that image for a moment or two. Notice the sunset (or sunrise, depending on your predilection). Observe the distant trees and the snow.

And, most importantly, look at the mountain itself.

Notice its peaks. Notice its valleys. Witness how it grows taller and taller before eventually dipping. Focus on the dip. On that low point. Then, follow that line as it grows taller, taller, taller, taller. Eventually becoming taller than its previous peak.

This is life.


The mountain

Your life resembles this mountain. My life resembles this mountain. Our lives resemble this mountain. Each of us, in our daily, weekly, and yearly moments, experience peaks and valleys.

Some days you will feel up. Other days you will feel down.

But gradually, subtly, ever so noticeably, things will get better. And better. And better. Eventually, you’ll reach a peak that is higher than anything you’ve experienced before. You’ll find yourself at a point where you stand above it all.

At the top.



And yet, as you continue along the path, you will once again move down the mountain. To a valley.

However, if you zoom out, you’ll notice that your current valley is higher than previous peaks! Though you may feel disappointed to be in a dip at that moment, your present low is actually higher than previous highs!

And guess what happens as you leave that valley? You begin your climb to a new peak. A peak that, once reached, is higher than you’ve ever been.


A mountain range growing from left to right.


Where are you?

In the day-to-day minutiae of life, it’s easy to obsess over what’s in front of you. After all, that’s what you can see. But in a moment of perspective, if you were to take out an imaginary drone, send it off into the sky, and observe the terrain, you would realize that you have actually climbed a great distance.

In fact, without realizing it, you may be almost near the top of a new peak. A new high point in your life.

Though true perspective isn’t as easy to attain as a simple drone flight, it is possible to grasp nonetheless. Reflect on your past. On what you’ve been through – the challenges, upsets, struggles, disappointments.

Then, consider where you are today in relation to it.


It keeps getting better

Recognize that life is like a mountain range, but with a slight twist. Sure, it has peaks and valleys, but there’s one important distinction. Like a bell curve, a mountain normally has a high point in the middle followed by two low points on either end.

But that’s not how your life operates.

Instead, as you move from left to right, as you progress through life, your mountain keeps growing taller and taller. Things keep getting better and better, as long as you continue to take another step. Remember that as you navigate through the valleys.

Life keeps getting better – so keep moving forward.

I’ll see you at the top.


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