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About Corey Fradin

Ah, the classic About page. A page for you to get a look under the hood. To learn more about the who behind the what. I’ve actually put off creating this page for a long time.


Because… well… I’m a pretty private person. I’m very deliberate about the kind of information I share about myself – especially online. In fact, unless it has a direct correlation to the lesson I am trying to convey, I intentionally keep my personal life out of it.

There’s that, and also the fact that I share so much of myself within my posts already that I didn’t feel like having another page where all I did was talk about myself served anyone (except my ego).

And yet, here we are.

I created this page for the simple reason that someone I greatly admire in the blogging space highly encouraged me to create one. So create one I did.


Who is Corey Fradin?

My name is Corey Fradin and I’m the founder of QuickBooost (the blog that you’re on right now). I started this site back in 2018 and… you know what, scratch that.

I actually do a really thorough job explaining the origins of QuickBooost here. You can check that out if you’re interested. My guess though is that you don’t care why I started QuickBooost, you’d rather know who this Corey person is, right?

Well, it would help to start with my philosophy.


My philosophy

I believe in living a deliberate life. In being intentional about the:

  • Books you read
  • Trips you take (and when you take them)
  • Home you live in (and how it’s designed, for that matter)
  • Type of exercise you do
  • Friends and family you spend time with
  • Projects you pursue, etc.

In other words, how you spend your time and what you give your attention to. Because through these thoughtful decisions, you will cultivate a life of meaning, purpose, fulfillment.

A feeling like what you do, who you are, matters.

Everything I do is with that in mind. I am on a journey of fulfillment – in all areas of my life. From the dates I go on with my wife to the way we raise our baby daughter to the goals I set for QuickBooost and beyond, everything in my life is done from a place of intentionality.

Because an intentional life leads to a fulfilling one.


Corey Fradin - Founder of QuickBooost


Why should you care?

Now, why should you care? Well… you don’t need to if you don’t want to. But then again, you probably wouldn’t be on this page if you didn’t care, right?

You’re here because you choose to be. You are being deliberate about this moment in time, right now. See where I’m going with this?

It helps to know about me and where I’m coming from. Because every:

Is done from the perspective of showing you how you too can be deliberate and create a life of meaning.


It’s mutually beneficial

I am passionate about time. And yes… that’s a weird thing to say. But… it’s true. I am obsessed with time. From how it seems to annoyingly move faster as I get older, to how to maximize my days for optimum fulfillment, I am constantly thinking about time and how I move through it.

From that passion, I have built QuickBooost into what you see today.

And because I love to talk about time, and as it turns out, a whole load of similarly-interested people like to listen, I have found something that provides me with fulfillment.


But it’s not just enough for me to lecture or drone on. You need to actually gain something from what I teach, otherwise, you’d stop listening to me and I wouldn’t be able to keep running QuickBooost (which would be terrible).

Our dynamic then is a symbiotic one (in a good way).

I continue to learn, experiment, and teach on a subject I am passionate about. You continue to learn from me because you know what I cover is valuable to you and your life. Our relationship is mutually beneficial and allows us to both thrive.

I talk, you listen and, in your listening, allow me to keep talking.

So, thank you for being here. Thank you for caring who Corey Fradin is and for finding what I do to be useful in your life.


Other facts about me

In case your curiosity is still unsatisfied, here are some other tidbits of personal information about myself that you can use to fill in your perception of me.

I currently reside in Southern California with my amazing wife (high school sweetheart) and brilliant baby daughter (who is teething at the moment). I love to read and am constantly exploring new books that spark my interests.

I’ve started many businesses, the majority of which are no longer around (and that’s ok).

You know what, I actually have a page that covers the goals that I’m working on right now. You can check that out here if you’re interested.


Let’s move forward, together

If you like what I’ve said so far and want to hear from me on a regular basis, sign up for my free 1-A-Tuesday newsletter, here. I also have a course that covers the ins-and-outs of goal success in great detail.

Again, I am thrilled to have you here, I am appreciative to have your attention, and I am excited to share with you what I know.

To your fulfillment,

Corey Fradin

PS: If you ever want to get in touch with me, feel free to send me an email: