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About Corey Fradin

My name is Corey Fradin. I started QuickBooost back in 2018 with the idea of publishing short, personal development articles. Hence, QuickBooost = Quick content to Booost your life.

With time, I became more focused on the intersection between what I enjoyed writing about and what my reader wanted to learn from me. Namely, how to do more with your time (ex. productivity, time management, etc.).


Goal success

I’ve since gone one step further. Most of my work now centers around the concept of goal success – the process of setting and achieving goals that result in a fulfilling, meaningful life for yourself.

Sometimes that takes the form of detailed articles, other times, video lectures. It may include productivity tips, habit-building strategies, or planning tutorials. Regardless, the focus of the content remains the same – teaching you how to attain goal success.

Everything I do today is done so with goal success at its core.


A picture of Corey Fradin.


More fun facts (as of mid ’21)

  • I live in Southern California with my wife and daughter (a rapidly-growing toddler).
  • I love reading and currently finish four-to-five books each month (something that I never thought possible as I used to be a slow reader).
  • I currently have 10+ goals that I’m actively working on (roughly one per each area of my life) – I walk-the-walk when it comes to goal success.
  • And building QuickBooost is as much a medium for me to sharpen and enhance my thinking as it is a place for you to learn.


How to get ahold of me

I’m excited for you to be here and am grateful for the opportunity to share what I know! If you ever have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me via email: That’s the best way to get in touch.

I read everything that comes in and I always respond. After all, I’m here to help you attain goal success so please feel free to lean on me and ask any questions that you have. I love talking about this stuff. 🙂

Talk soon!


PS: Want to get started with goal success right now? Get access to my free Ebook below.